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Students aim to ‘Create a Culture of Philanthropy’ at UC Irvine

Officially launched in 2009, UCImpact is a student initiative funded by the UCI Alumni Association through a grant from the University of California Office of the President to provide avenues of involvement in philanthropic projects for students and student organizations. The purpose of this initiative is to bridge the gap between students and the university in order to create one organized and service-oriented community.

UCImpact Greeks

Chancellor Drake honors contributions of sororities and fraternities for their scholastic, member development and philanthropic contributions to UCI and the community

The success of UCImpact is not measured in dollars raised, but in the number of students involved. UCImpact fulfills one of the UCI Foundation’s goals to team-up UCI student fundraising efforts with the efforts of prominent alumni, university volunteer leaders and community friends in order to promote awareness and Anteater pride in the campus community and beyond.

UCImpact mission

  1. Educate students about the opportunities for student giving at the University of California, Irvine.
  2. Increase student engagement with the campus.
  3. Facilitate giving and assist students in working with various campus programs and the administration.
  4. Provide access for student philanthropists to university resources to ensure success.
  5. Promote events and student giving campaigns and give recognition to the generous students on our campus.
  6. Expand UC Irvine’s regional impact on key campaign initiatives.

UCImpact goals

  • Campus engagement: Through fundraising activities and corresponding support for UCI’s signature academic programs, students can focus on issues that matter to people.
  • Civic and community engagement: Enhance student affairs’ initiatives across the campus to involve students in important societal issues.
  • Students supporting students: Provide critical financial assistance to fellow and future students in need through scholarships and fellowships.
  • Philanthropy: By encouraging student giving early on in their academic careers (through their time, talent and philanthropy), UC Irvine will further establish a culture of philanthropy and community service among the people who call UC Irvine home.