Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a registered campus organization that enhances the student experience at UCI by connecting students to one another, alumni, and the university.

This student organization offers a unique involvement opportunity for its 50+ members to interact and network with alumni and fellow students. Apply today!

Save the Dates

Upcoming Event: Dinners for 12 Anteaters

Saturday, November 7, 2015Dinners for 12 Anteaters

6:00-9:00 p.m., Orange County

Students RSVP >

Dinners for 12 Anteaters is a program that brings students, alumni and faculty together for an evening of food, fun and engagement throughout Orange County. Each fall, students and faculty are invited to a dinner hosted by volunteer alumni. Gracious alumni open their homes and not only provide 12 appreciative students with a home-cooked meal, but also advice and mentorship. Learn more >


You're a student now, but you will be 1 of over 155,000 alumni soon. Be the ambassador that bridges the gap between students and alumni. As a member, you could have the opportunity to enhance your collegiate experience and develop your lifetime Anteater network.


  • Work alongside key students, staff, community leaders and renowned alumni.


  • Leverage the UCI Alumni Association resources to develop and execute events.


  • Collaborate with campus organizations in the UC Irvine community.


Make an Impact

  • Do you want to develop public relations, communication, and leadership skills?


  • Are you willing to share your collegiate experience with alumni and update them on current campus life?


  • Do you have great ideas to improve campus networking and want to leave lasting traditions?


Consider applying for membership. Zot Hard.


Spring 2015 Recruitment Applications are available. Apply Today!


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