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The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a registered campus organization that enhances the student experience at UCI by connecting students to one another, alumni and the university.

This student organization offers a unique involvement opportunity for its 70+ members to interact and network with alumni and fellow students.

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You're a student now, but you will be 1 of over 195,000 alumni soon. Be the ambassador that bridges the gap between students and alumni. As a member, you could have the opportunity to enhance your collegiate experience and develop your lifetime Anteater network.


  • Work alongside key students, staff, community leaders and renowned alumni.
  • Leverage the UCI Alumni Association resources to develop and execute events.
  • Collaborate with campus organizations in the UC Irvine community.

Make an Impact.

Do you want to develop public relations, communication and leadership skills? Are you willing to share your collegiate experience with alumni and update them on current campus life? Do you have great ideas to improve campus networking and want to leave lasting traditions?

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Upcoming Events

Fall Quarter:
Oct 18: What Matters to
             Me and Why
Oct 25: Anteater Pumpkin Party
Nov 17: Dinners with Anteaters

Winter Quarter:
Jan 24: What Matters to
             Me and Why
Feb 9: UCI Homecoming
Feb 23: Dinners with Anteaters

Spring Quarter:
April 18: Alumni Back 2 Campus
May 9: What Matters to
            Me and Why
May 18: Dinners with Anteaters